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A period of unusual harmony when someone adds a new friend to their Friends list and immediately goes on a spree of liking and commenting on all posts and photos of the other. It usually survives for few months when things are at their sweetest and wanes out gradually.
SB: Nev, did you notice Dev and Kev liking and commenting everything on each others Facebook page?
Nev: Oh yeah! It's called Facebook Honeymoon. Won't last forever!!
by SAAB June 27, 2012
worse then "tool". Used to insult someone that is very fuckan retarded.
Wow ur just not a toolm ur a whole tool box damnit
by saab September 29, 2003
A girl with a moderate to good looks who is carrying some kind of either emotional or physical damage.
Dude, I met this great girl last night. Turns out she has herpes through, such a damn Mazda girl.
by Saab February 04, 2005
Ivented my a guy on my hockey team in Ontario Canada.
Holly fuck that guy is an HQ!
/me yells "HQ!!"
by saab October 08, 2003
Porsche is a fuckan ownage car, one of the best!! (Almost as good as Saab cars)
BONER! Look at that Porsche 911 996 GT2!
by saab October 08, 2003
aka, huge, masssiv, ownage
holly shit i owned u large.
by saab September 29, 2003
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