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2 definitions by sYK0t1Ck

(N) an urban poser is someone who writes their own names on Urbandictionary and makes they're name sound incredibly cool or awesome when in reality it is not.
Guy 1-"hey dude, I just added my name into Urbandictionary!"
Guy2-"cool. Lemme see...'A totally awesome guy that has a huge dong and gets all the ladies'.
Guy 1-"doesn't that describe me perfectly?"
Guy 2- "dude you're such an urban poser.
by sYK0t1Ck April 09, 2010
(V) When someone accidently pocket calls you and leaves a really long voicemail of background noises.
Guy1: man, Louise pocket called me at 2:44 in the morning. And left a voicemail.
Guy2: really? What he say?
Guy1: nothing! It just sounded like a bunch of people talking and yelling in the background!
Guy2: oh. He was Pocket voicemailing you! Wow, too funny.
by sYk0t1Ck April 18, 2010