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4 definitions by sXers R gay But stoners R idiots

moderate straight edge..... for those of you who are sxe but think straight edgers are annoying.
sXe kid: no drugs for me! im gonna put Xs on my hand!
Me: wtf thats annoying, just because you don't do drugs or anything doesn't mean you should go around braggin about it, you fag
critical fagot who feels that he is allmighty
rymon: all hail me!!!!! metal is only good music!!!!
1)high skool, 80%nigger 13%white 7%other
2)skool of retarded students, and retarded teachers, only a few have knowledge.
white8thgrader: do u go to forrest? i might go there
me: kid....no
a silly asian kid who plays bass and listens to emo
dubee: thats fucked up
romel: shutup dubee