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Funny way of saying I dont know;No clue, clueless
What did she just say?! shit I aint even know.
by SkiNNy September 08, 2004
A very fat ass; a very fat person.
Jesus H. Christ, look at that barge arse! I think the tide's coming in!
by Skinny July 20, 2003
1. Refer: Gan
2. Sense of disatisfaction.
Meaning 1
Fuck your mom - Tsao ni mah

Meaning 2
Fuck - Wo Tsao
Fuck, i did a horrible job - Tsao, wo gao zha leh
by sKinnY February 14, 2004
A form of dildo shaped in the form of a Jaf
Hey DK, can I borrow your Jafdildo tonight?
by Skinny February 03, 2003
A piece or multiple pieces of feces; shit
I just dropped a big ol' doog.
by Skinny January 14, 2005
The act of deficating; often used in conjunction with doog
Don't go to the bafroom - I just greezed a big ol' doog.
by Skinny January 14, 2005
To void feces from the bowels; deficate.
Those burritos went right through me - I need to doog.
by Skinny January 14, 2005

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