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its not a good thing to do to your best friend's boyfriend, especialy in a bush at the park so you end up with dirt on your knees and don't notice and go in to town to meet her...she'll notice.
i gave him a blowjob and he sighned my tits...in perminant marker pen...that doesn't come off.
by s9uit May 11, 2008
for some reason, self-injury has become associated with "emo's", which makes no sence at all as emo is quite a new thing, but people have been cutting for way longer than the trend has been about.
cutting is often a sighn of deeper mental problems. some people cut for attention, and people tend to look down on these people, but in my opinion, if they are realy willing to cut themselves to get attention, then i think they deserve it, but people who cut themselves to try and fit in with the "emo" trend just annoy me.
people who dont cut for attention try to cover it up as best they can, which if really dificult, especialy in summer. cutting helps relieve emotional pain, many cutters cannot explain why they cut, but it just...makes them feel beter.
NOT ALL CUTTERS WANT TO DIE. and that may be hard for you to understand, but it is true.
yes, i am a cutter. but i walk around in jeans, a t-shirt and a hoody. no one knows except one or two of my freinds, they dont talk about it. so dont even think about saying that all cutters cut for attention.
by s9uit December 23, 2007
normal-people language for a cigarette
10 year old chav: gis a fag
me: no
10 year old chav: well at least gis a drag!
me: no, get your own bloody fags!
by s9uit October 14, 2007

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