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1. The shaft of the penis leading up to the bellend.

2. A complete Idiot
How do you like the look of my bellrod?

You are a bellrod!
by s0lace March 02, 2011
A British male (typically but not limited to the younger end of the teenage spectrum) that is undergoing a change in their behaviour at an attempt to achieve true LAD status.
Steve: Have you heard what Gary did yesterday?
Dave: No, please enlighten me...
Steve: Well, in an attempt to impress the rest of the lads he downed a pint of lager in less than 5 seconds followed by an Apple Sours chaser.
Dave: Good effort but room for improvement. A double Sammy B chaser instead would have displayed greater LADness. On the plus side, his banter has improved considerably over the last few months. - LADolescent
by s0lace October 19, 2011

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