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In case the Twister example wasn't compelling enough, here's another reference from the eponymous Jay-Z cut...quoth Big Boi about midway through the 4th verse:
"Like the pilgrims when they popped a tag on the indians home."
by s. neckar May 05, 2003
Stealing, as in the example below by Twister...
Rollin like a nigga that just came up on a mill'
and I got 'em sweepin and pickin up tags off the flo'
by s. neckar May 01, 2003
The best hockey player in the history of history.
Flurry goal scored by # 66 -- Piiipes! His 297th of the season...assist to #54, Jason Doing...assist to #80, Blickon Slotty!
by s. neckar May 05, 2003

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