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A small town in Westchester County, NY that happens to have higher taxes causeing the more wealthy people to be the ones who can afford to live there. NOT to be mistaken for a JAP town.
Did you see the fianly to the Apprentice last night?

Yes, Bill who ran the event at the golf course in Briarcliff won.
by S March 31, 2005
A person who loves Subaru very much.
"I love you always and forever Subaru"
said Tsukasa.
by s January 28, 2005
Dont look him in the eyes he's a brawler
by s July 08, 2003
see: hottest thing "under the sun"
Whoa, check out Crustin! What a HUNK!
by s March 13, 2003
Generic name for a lazy son of a bitch who spends his life playing games and being anti-social.
"Hey I'm guigsy... so what do you mean go outside?"
by S March 04, 2003
wow just for the record, everyone has definately blown it out of proportion. Although I don't like where I live, you've got a lot of it wrong. First of all, we don't have a water polo team, therefore, not every person in wyo plays that sport. Nobody goes to the f***ing starbucks...hard bean is where it's at and people from other schools hang out there too. Obviously, you are confusing the majority with the minority because not every single person goes to a party every night to get high and wasted. As much as you don't want to believe it, some of us are human beings and we go to movies and coffee shops to JUST TALK. Fyi, not all of us are the geniuses that you think we are. I know a good number of rich whores that can't tell left from right. We are good at sports and there are quite a few rich people that happen to get everything they want, but again, that is NOT everyone. You may see this as a crusade for wyomissing and it's defense, but you are wrong. It is merely a clarifying gesture so that if you decide to criticize wyomissing, you should make sure you get it right and know exactly what the hell you are talking about.
Person A: Oh, I want a new car!
Person A's parent: Anything you want pumpkin so that you can run our family into the ground in debt and disgrace. After all, we live in Wyomissing and we are all so perfect!

#wyomissing #prep #rich #smart #athletic
by S May 22, 2006
A patent attorney who picks and rearranges his balls and also teabags the desks of unsuspecting secretaries.
Aww damn ... just look at ShitRAG down there digging in his nuts again. He must have crabs.
by S January 25, 2005
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