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Tankus the Henge is a colloquial phrase, bastardised from the Lithuanian language. Tankus means 'heavy' in Lithuanian and a henge is widely known to be a monument of wood or stone.

It's better known as a band name.
It's a statement, when lifting a large object.

The builder exclaimed in broken English: "Tankus the henge!"
#tankus #the #henge #london #band #exclamation
by ryvitaskeeter November 29, 2012
The sweaty, odd-fitting marriage of the Argentian Tango, and the popular dance known as the Skank, which grew out of Ska and Punk.

Invented by cult London band Tankus the Henge in 2011 and popularised at festivals.
"You're not so good at the tango, but that was expected. Let's try a mash up with the skank, we call it the skango!"
#tango #skango #skank #skang #tankus #dance #london
by ryvitaskeeter November 29, 2012
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