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Hear and comprehend, as in verbal communication. Radio slang used to determine the proper transfer of a message. Proper responses would run along the lines of "Roger." or "I copy."
"We've got to get this truckload of cow parts through the state border by dawn, copy?."
by ryon January 29, 2004
Clearly audible and understood. More radio slang. Also an answer to the question "Do you copy?"
"Holy fucking shit Houston, are you reading me, over?"
"Loud and clear, over"
by ryon January 29, 2004
The first program you learn in a basic survey of a new programming language. Sometimes, but not always the program's sole function is to output the words "Hello World" on the display.
I've been working with Enterprise Java for weeks, and I'm not even at the "Hello, World" level.
by ryon January 22, 2004
the computer setup that a certain piece of software will likely run poorly on.
Doom 3 has really high system requirements.
by ryon January 29, 2004
I don't know. Silly blog word.
iono, do you think my LJ is too depressing?
by ryon January 29, 2004
engaging in a bit of the old in-out in-out.
"Baby, when I see you, I want to tap Abe Lincoln on the forehead."
by ryon June 04, 2004
to take care of, finish, attend to.
"L. Bob Rife was interested in cosmic exploration mostly because his media empire had the earth pretty well stitched up."
by ryon January 29, 2004
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