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another beautiful Japanese AV (porno) star, second to Ryoko Mitake. very cute face but sometimes looks meaty in pictures.
I would give anything to fuck Ruu Hoshino.
by ryoko mitake August 27, 2003
what one gets when a male sees a fucking hot female; an instananeous rush of blood to the nose (and also wordpenis) when one is excited by a member of the opposite sex.
The girl was so fucking hot I had a nosebleed.
by ryoko mitake August 27, 2003
one of the finest Japanese AV (porno) stars. except she has an annoying squeaky voice when pleasured.
My life's goal is to plug Ryoko Mitake and fill her with my juice.
by ryoko mitake August 27, 2003
initials, or short for, wordgangbang.
having sex with 3+ black males, while getting ripped apart.
Gb is my favorite pasttime.
by ryoko mitake August 27, 2003
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