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An honest to god Legitimate Midget, with a big head, short legs/arms and a long torso. Not just a very small/short person
Hey, don't bag on that legitimidget for stealing that handicapped spot! He has no choice but to be nose level with assholes for the rest of his life!
by ryeguythefryguy September 12, 2010
the act of placing a boot inside someone's anus, i.e. bootomizing someone
Did you hear that john straight up broke his foot off in someone's ass! Yeah dude, he totally committed a random act of bootomy. He was wearin those size 13 steel-toed boots too!
by ryeguythefryguy December 15, 2010
To break your foot off in one's ass while wearing a boot. to commit bootomy
ouch, that had to hurt! you're tellin me I'd be poopin funny for 2 weeks if I got bootomized like that.
by ryeguythefryguy December 15, 2010

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