1 definition by ryan spittle

A small city in south west england which is crammed of BADMANS who think they are hard.

Most BADMANS hang out at the guild hall and smoke weed and play. They dont care about college and education as they are SALISBURY 2011 REPRESENTS. All they do is go to crap gigs and listen to crap music by 'I Met Nature' and 'Bury the Betrayer'
*in salisbury wiltshire*
Badman 1 (around 24) : yooo blud you got a quid i can nick for some baccy init?

Nerdy kid (around 10): no mr badman i dont.. do you not work?

Badman 2: yeah he does cuzzzyyyyyy he is lyk a FULL TIME BADMAN init.

Nerdy kid: you too are just salisbury fagss.. you probably suppport that i met nature band..

*BADMANS runs to the guild hall and tell all of his mosher friends to beat nerdy kid up :( *
by ryan spittle January 14, 2011

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