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N. {fasbook phart}
Gas emitted from one's anus during a facebook session that is worse then normal gas due to the facebooker's refusal to get up and take a shit.
Jim: I was profiling on facebook last night and I facebook farted so bad I thought I greased my shorts.

Jan: No shit?

Jim: No.
#facebook #shit #fart #gas #grease #internet
by Ryan p cooke April 24, 2009
The skid mark found in one's shorts after one refuses to defecate when one should.
Barbara: I had to shit so bad, but I didn't want to log off facebook.

Sue: So what happened?

Barbara: When I finally logged off, I found some ground hog grease in my panties.
#shit stain #skid mark #poo stain #poop #skank
by ryan p cooke April 24, 2009
When one screws up a simple action. When one screws something up that is as easy as sleeping.
Jim: All Rodney had to do was open the screen door, but instead he walked right into it and fell down.

Dave: Yeah, he really wet the bed on that one.
#screw up #fuck up #screw the pooch #ride the shit train #fall
by ryan p cooke April 24, 2009
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