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A chick who has a wicked face but a slightly chubby body. This chick would be super hot if she had a tidy rig.
Dave: Gary you should have seen this chick I ruined last night.

Gary: Oh yeah mate, but na it was you that got ruined.

Dave: What are you on about?

Gary: Well she was massive, but na good work.

Dave: Fuck you mate, she had a wicked face.

Gary: Oath. But that's about all she had going for her.

Dave: Are you serious? I was macking her all over the shop and it was awesome.

Gary: Yeah mate did you try to put your hands around her?

Dave: I was slaughtered, how would I know?

Gary: Yeah I saw her and she had a fat arse, she was taller sitting down.

Dave: Holy shit I did a meatbird didn't I?

Gary: Yeah mate... again.
by ryan hallett September 20, 2010
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