20 definitions by ryan ingersol

the urethra of a male.
"i'm afraid to get tested for std's. i hear they shove a swab up your dick-hole.
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
a disgustingly obese woman. sows are often known for their affinity for butter, gravy, ranch dressing, and sloppy joes.
"i almost couldn't contain my laughter as i watched the sow across the food court eat five big-macs and a bucket of chili-fries.
by ryan ingersol March 06, 2005
acronym for Totally Fucking Epic. used to describe things of the utmost radicality.
"i shat on the mayor's front porch and proceeded to blow up newspaper boxes. the night was TFE."
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
acronym for Totally Fucking Gay.
"i sprained my ankle in the game last night. TFG."

"dave matthews band is TFG"
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
a woman's 'afterbirth'; including placenta, uterine fluids, etc.
"the doctor had the creepy habit of saving his patient's mung, taking it home, and bathing in it."
by ryan ingersol February 21, 2005
usally a teenager,and a social outcast of sorts. cutters are often seen wearing shirts from pseudo-rebellious musical artists such as korn, or marilyn manson. the cutters attire is mostly purchased from hot topic. cutters are also easily recognized by their poorly dyed hair, or oversized JNCO style jeans. most basically, cutters are the urban and suburban equivalent of rural white trash, in that they invariably come from families with low education and or income. cutters can be found sitting outside malls asking for cigarettes, or in downtown parks, asking for cigarettes. spiked dog collars are common attire. cutters attempt to associate themselves with punk culture, however their closest related species is the Wigger, which most often comes from similar socio-economic backgrounds and are equally disavowed by the cultures they attempt to declare allegance to (in the wigger's case, this is gangster rap culture.) anthropologists have found multitudinous examples of cutters and wiggers existing in the same household.
"i always thought it'd be funny to put all the cutters on the 16th steet mall into a gladiator ring of sorts and make them battle to the death for a cigarette."
by ryan ingersol March 11, 2005

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