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2 definitions by rusty g

The act of masturbating somewhere you a likely to get caught, but achieving climax and hiding the evidence before getting busted.
I pulled out a sweet buzzer beater in Wades lounge the other night. I managed to stash the evidence under the couch cushion, I bet he won't find it for months!
by rusty g January 09, 2010
9 3
The act of calling rodeo just as you are about to cum, when your friends are waiting to pounce outside the room, and you are masturbating, not having sex with an ugly slut. When they come in to laugh at you, the joke backfires. You laugh at them as they see you masturbating, if your lucky you will gun one of them done with your six shooter.
"The other night Chris called rodeo at a party. We all piled in to the room for a laugh, but it backfired, when he pulled a textbook loneranger and hit Rhys between the eyes."
by rusty g January 02, 2010
8 2