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It is using the ASL word for sea turtle... which is reperasented by placing one hand on top of the other, palms down, and extending the thumbs outward rotating. The end result should look like a turtle swimming. Use this gesture when a conversation or situation becomes awkward. This is a good way to get attention of friends to either rescue you or the one making it awkward understand what they are doin.
Irving was telling me all about his pet iguana, so i was doing "awkward sea turtle" to get jessica's attention to save me.
#awkward #sea #turtle #hand gestures #sea turtle
by rusticwear September 18, 2008
It is a combination of cunt, twat, and taint. Pronounced like "want" but with a "q" sound. Used as the worst combination of female genitalia slang to achieve ultimate inappropriateness without offending everyone in hear shot, for the time being. Can be used towards a male or female.
Betsy is being such a "Cwant", I just want to punch her right in her "Cwant".
#cunt #twat #taint #pussy #vagina #female #lips #beef curtains #box #quant
by rusticwear April 13, 2009
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