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10 definitions by russell pridgen

is an acronym to discribe something or the way people dress for a period of time, ie., For A Day
Wow, the way you wear your hat sucks....its just a FAD
by Russell Pridgen December 05, 2007
one really loud and long fart, ie. a fart that sounds like a Harley Davidson at idle.
WOW, did you hear Holly's fart...it was a real ass clapper.
by Russell Pridgen November 21, 2007
Is something a woman has when you see a man (or men) that will completely do anything she asks or tells him (or them) to do without question after having sexual intercourse with said woman, i.e. A spell that is cast by a woman after sex that makes a man give up everything he has including friends and family. You will also experience hearing faint native voodoo drums when staring at her crotch or when she is within sight. You could experience a strong overwhelming to do anything including and not limited to sticking a live chicken in your ass if she asked you to do so.
What the hell is that guy thinking....she is treating him like shit and he keeps putting up with it, she must have Voodoo Pussy.
by Russell Pridgen December 03, 2007
To be cut off durning a sentence by a good friend; ie. Changing the subject quickly
Russell was telling us how much in love he was with Holly when Keith speaks out loudly "How about some of that Whitesnake". Damn, Russell just got "Whitesnaked"
by Russell Pridgen September 26, 2007
A wake of air that is created when someone walks by in almost a run.
We all were sitting around taking when Lonnie walked by so fast he created an air wake.
by Russell Pridgen December 19, 2007
A number reference for going to lunch. Taken from Richard Pryor's stand up routine about his father on the time he was to return home.
Hey, you understand 11, don't you! Sure do, where do you want to go?
by Russell Pridgen November 28, 2007
a burp after eating a meal of chinese food.
The yang burp that Skippy did stunk really bad...smelled like dog and cat parts.
by Russell Pridgen November 28, 2007