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Describing a student with more college hours than typically required for graduation but who remains ineligible for a degree.
Yo, that mug been to 'bout eight different universities in the past 10 years though he still openlid!
by Russell Clark May 21, 2003
Of or pertaining to persons who consistently fail to follow the teachings of an avowed belief system. The praxis of hypocrites.
Churches are houses of spirtual complacency and churchgoers, devotees of heteropraxy.
by Russell Clark December 04, 2006
batteries for a woman's vibrator
She always maintained a fresh supply of battries and didn't need a boyfriend.
by Russell Clark April 18, 2003
Someone who's always on Facebook. A Facebook addict.
Jody is finishing dinner and logging to play WoW. Laters, facers!

Hey, just because I leave FB open on my BB all the time doesn't mean I'm a Facer!
by Russell Clark February 22, 2009
Any bogus place of origin. A term connoting personal or group suspicion about someone's stated place of origin.
Once Jill got Miss "big noise" out of the limelight and talked to her off to the side. . . turned out the lil hobag had crashed the party. Yeah, I asked her where she was from and she said, "South California" hehe!
by Russell Clark December 03, 2006
Contraction of "fruit rollup". A yoga-like position in which one commits auto-fellatio.
He became a paraplegic after unsuccessfully attempting a frup.
by Russell Clark September 24, 2003
An embarrassing lie from which one cannot extricate oneself.
He was caught in a chaw once they confronted him with the person whom he said started the rumor.
by Russell Clark September 24, 2003

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