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A compound noun that cleverly combines the niche phrase "douche bag" with the protagonist Hobbit family name from the popular mid-fifties fantasy-adventure series "The Lord of the Rings". There is no specific context of "Douche Baggins", though it could possibly be used in tandem with other terms of the same catagory also derived from characters in "The Lord of the Rings". Some examples may include, but are not limited to:

- Dildo Baggins
- Chodo Baggins
- Bilbo Faggins
- Gandalf the Gay

This phrase may also refer to a "Lord of the Rings" advocate who may be a douche bag, or who is showing signs of douche baggery at a critical level.
"Ted is such a fucking asshole. He wont shut the fuck up about how the movies didn't do everything right. If he were a character in the series, he'd be Douche Baggins, the mentally challenged hobbit that everyone pushes into the street laughs at because he's a dick weed and his feet didn't turn hairy at puberty."
by russbag July 15, 2005
A pair of testicles of such high testicular mass that it is made possible for the owner to sit down on them like a beanbag. This may be used figuratively to describe someone that is particularly daring or risk-taking, i.e. someone with balls of steel.
"Hey Mike, there are 5 of us, but only 4 chairs! What are we to do?"

"Worry not - Patrick has a Beanbag Ballsack, which he can use to sit on. There's even room for two!"
by russbag July 16, 2005
A word secretly used to refer to black people. It is used so white people can openly talk about blacks in public with out being stabbed or shot (see "reverse racism" and "reggin"). The origin of "sponge" comes from the generalization that several black people have afros, and would thus be able to absorb water like a sponge.
"Ugh, this place is packed full of sponges. Where are we, Louisiana?"
"Yeah, they're soaking up the economy so badly via welfare."
by russbag September 11, 2005

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