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A term created to give pre-teens and teens an excuse to behave poorly. Stolen almost directly from the Goth kids of the the early eighties, these teens and early 'adults' apparently pride themselves on being original while looking and behaving exactly the same. Emo is short for emotional, but we all know that those early years are a mess of predictably unbalanced, insecure histrionics and this label is just another way of glorifying it. As with other cultish groups, the emo subculture has attached whiney, cry-baby 'music' to its hapless existencialism that literally screams "why me." There seems to be virtually no way to combat this behavioral anomaly as attempts to do so only catapult the teen into carrying his/her angst even further. The ultimate color is black, with white and pink being thrown in for girls as contrast. The boys wear more bland colors with fashion statement Bed-head hair and a blank stare. Girls have a new version of big hair; long and puffy in the back ; styled in the front so that the bangs run the length of one side to the person's neck, covering a single eye entirely, giving the impression that the individual is hiding something. Easily bored and quick to depressive behavior, you'll rarely see them involved in activities that involve anything more than standing or laying around. Incessent eye-rolling and texting are the preferred exercises for this narcissistic cult.
Emo music sucks!!
by rumrunner68 September 24, 2010

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