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1 definition by rumplesteelskin

Fucking a girl doggy style in her pussy with a good hard, fast, doggy style rythmic pounding. Halfway through the screwing (after few minutes of pussy), pull out of her pussy and send the next stroke all the way up her ass in one continuous stroke without slowing down or losing your rythm (good lube required on penis before you start). Then continue pounding away without missing a stroke, without slowing down, and without losing your rythm. Same vigorous pounding action in both pussy and ass.

Continue until you come in her ass.

To be true rodeo sex you have to keep a steady, fast, hard pounding rythm throught the entire process, including when switching from pussy to ass. Also, to be true rodeo sex she cannot know ahead of time exactly when your going to switch holes. Must be a surprise.

It's called rodeo sex because it's tight and hurts for the girl and she'll try to get away by crawling forward and bucking like a rodeo bull. You hold on to her hips and ride her. Ride'em cowboy!

I learned about this from my college roommate. He used to rodeo fuck college girls regularly. He said analy experienced girls hated it at first, but then loved it and orgasmed. He said it was good for analy experienced girls who hated and loved it at the same time. It was also the best he'd ever had.

Do NOT try this with an anal virgin girl or you'll injure her badly and she'll end up in hospital an you in jail.

It can be done with an anal virgin girl if you go slow, but that wouldn't be rodeo sex. There'd have to be a different name for that.

I personally haven't done rodeo sex with a girl, but I'd sure love to. However, I would never do this to an anal virgin girl or an analy inexperienced girl because I don't want to injure them. I think this sort of thing should only be done with analy experienced girls. i.e. - not butt virgins.

Some guys prefer doing this as an anal ambush where the girl doesn't know about it ahead of time. Her surprise heightens her reaction. However, I think that is anal date rape. So I recommend that.

I'd suggest only doing this with a girl whose had anal sex before and is willing to consent to it ahead of time. i.e. - get permission ahead of time. However, you can still give her a super surprise because she won't know which stroke is going to come out of her pussy and go up her ass. So although she'll be a bit less shocked, if she knows it's coming at some time, she'll still be plenty shocked enough to make it exciting for both people. Also, she'll be tingling with anticipation during each pussy out-stroke wondering where the next in-stroke is going.

Warning: This will be painful and exciting sex for an analy experienced girl and great for the guy. For an anal virgin girl it would be unbearable and result in injury. Don't do this with anal virgins! For the guy, it'll be the best sex he ever had. Period. Tight, exciting, screaming, crying, wiggling, wrestling, fast ride typically culminating with an orgasm for the woman and always for the man.

Great for an adverturous man and woman.

To be rodeo sex, she can't have already had anal sex that night. Ideally it should also be her first pussy sex of the night. i.e. - she's got to have some tightness. Use plenty of lube.
I think rodeo sex would be awesome. Now I need to find a consenting woman. My old girlfriend was up for anything. I miss her.

I'd like to take an anal virgin girl and break her in gently enough to not by to traumatic, but forcefully enough to be a bit challenging and get some wimpering. Then after a few nights of anal sex when she can take a full on pounding, surprise her with rodeo sex.

Alternatively, I'd like to give rodeo sex the first night to a girl whose already analy experienced.
by rumplesteelskin May 31, 2006
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