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verb. to whine, to winge, to complain

Etymology: Tim Minchin's grandfather created this word, presumably to describe his grandson's upset attitude as a child upon discovering how the world is full of stupid people. Tim Minchin himself now uses this word in his song "Lullaby" to describe his young daughter's midnight whining.
1. "Your blankets hand-knitted with pure Angora wool,
your nappy is dry, and your tummy is full
of enough antihistamine to chill out a bull,
yet still all this gringing."

2. *commercial about donating money to feed African children plays on TV in background*
Sam: Ugh, not again.
Patricia: You should be more sympathetic. You would gringe if you were in their shoes.
Sam: Well how fortunate I am that they don't have shoes, then!
Patricia: *gringes*
by rumiko May 01, 2011

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