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When something can become very addictive OR is easy to get addicted to
person A : this chocolate cake is really good

person B: yes, it is very addictable
by rukia20 June 06, 2010
a box is when 2 people touch knuckles (like fist to fist)as a personalized handshake or showing of respect or equivalence.

a mental box is when these 2 people want to do a box, but are to far away from each other.
while sitting in a classroom. person A on one side of the classroom and person B on the other side.

person A asks person B: how many points did u get on the test

Person B: 77

Person A: i got 80, mental box
by rukia20 May 15, 2010
professor addict - someone that is addicted to something for a long time and became the professor status of being addicted
god you smoke a cigarette packet a day, you are a prod for sure
by rukia20 April 05, 2011
a trend setter that got all his trends and slang from urban dictionary
person A : woa this cake is so addictable (addictable = word on urban dictionary)

person B: you are such a urban setter
by rukia20 June 06, 2010
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