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4 definitions by ruhi yazid

The critically acclaimed multi-platinum production team that was the engine of the No Limit Records "Tank" (circa 1995-99). Members included Craig B, KLC, Mo B Dick, and Odell.
Beats By The Pound was responsible for selling 70,000,000 albums.
by ruhi yazid May 25, 2008
Founding member and creator of the multi-platinum production team Beats By The Pound. Gangster R&B artist known for hardcore and sexually graphic lyrics. Musician extraordinaire
written and produced by MO B DICK for Beats By The Pound
by ruhi yazid May 23, 2008
an female who aggressively performs oral sex on any and every man while pregnant
ellen is quite a molecular meat eating marsupial
by ruhi yazid May 23, 2008
an excessively super masculine lesbian that will have sex with any other lesbian or gay man
queen latifa is a bulldyke whore
by ruhi yazid May 23, 2008