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A minority group. Typically a male, who lives life alternately, usually going against the stream with attitude, self care, and pronunciation of words.

Occasionally seen with anything from a small mullet to Jewish side curls, they will always be sporting some form of beard, a torn scarf (even at the slightest breeze) some skinny jeans with a slash around the knee to reveal the under skin. The purebred breed 'scruffs' are barrel chested, with what looks like a forest of black escaping through their capital V neck, or loosely buttoned flannelette. Often an array of antique necklaces are draped over the shoulders, sometimes entangling with the neck beard. Apparel is strictly earthly colours with a mix of blacks and greys.

They use leather twine to bind or repair, or even make a bracelet if they are feeling creative, which is their normal state of mind.

Sometimes known to speak with a husky voice, often taking horse tablets to help them draw out words and over emphasise vowels, even to the point on stuttering on words such as 'R-r-r-r-romp'.
Joel Houston, Russel Brand

Dane: Man that guy looks like he hasn't seen civilisation for weeks...but he is so classy.

Joe: Yeah, that guys a true scruffbone, look at his hessian shirt!

Dane: Man, his hair is formidable, the ladies love him.
by Rugbearer January 18, 2010
Originally believed to have derived from the cheek-tap which was one of the founding playful hand gestures deeply rooted in Italian cultures. Often seen in Italian and sometimes Brazilian media especially between football players.

It is often used between friends to invoke each other after a loss in any kind of competition, or simply to make them feel less manly. "You just got chintapped" is one of the most shame full things a man can hear. It is sometimes thought of as a means of stripping someones pride, or making them feel they missed out.

Three different grades of Chintapping (plural) are currently know to mankind. One tap, is usually just to lighten the mood. Two taps is the classic and foremost. Three is a rare act, but only used on unwary victims* who have not learnt the art of pulled your chin out of striking zone.

Most commonly used man to man. In some cultures it is frowned upon if women are caught in the act.

*Unwary victums: It was recorded a man by the name of Andre Santös (Brazil) who allegedly received 25 Chintaps in a row. Sources vary.
Pietro: Ay, Coco what did you do with my pasta?
Coco: I ate it for lunch.
Pietro: You little mongrel!
Coco: Don't worry about it *gives Pietro a Chintap*
by rugbearer December 07, 2010

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