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Just another word for a really loose vagina.
After many uses, Jenny had a huge coot bag.
by rufio ;) January 16, 2009
A creature of great mythical awesomeness. Part bear, part thorn bush, all bad-ass killing machine.
Oh shit! Its a Thornbear! Ruuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!! He gonna KILL you!!!!!!!!!
by Rufio ;) January 15, 2009
someone who is so unbelievably nerdy that everyone he/she knows wants to push them in front of a moving bus.
Guy1: dude, look at Wheelzzz!
Guy2: I know. Hes such a chode.
Guy1:Lets push him in front of a bus!!!!
Guy2: Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!
by rufio ;) January 16, 2009
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