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2 definitions by rtg1996

Evil genius smiley face, apparently used exclusively by me (a professed evil genius), used to pictorally punctuate a particularly wicked or diabolical thought or idea expressed in all forms of inter-computer communications (i.e. IM-ing, blogging, emailing, etc.)
Friend, on IM: So, how was work today?
Me, on IM: Some r-tard customer scraped the entire right side of my car when they pulled in too close.
Friend: Dude! That sucks! What did you do?
Me: I blew a snot-rocket on their windshield and split.
Friend: That's evil.
Me: I know! >8-D
by rtg1996 October 25, 2008
11 1
adj. Used to describe anything that is typically horrifying and/or potentially life-threatening in nature, yet also oddly appealing as it is not an everyday occurrence.
girl #1: My former b-frond got the hiv from some slag in cracktown.
girl #2: Huh...well that's ebola-interesting. Think he'll die?
girl #1: Hopefully, the rat bastard.
by rtg1996 October 25, 2008
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