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Abbreviation for "I Love You And I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Days With You", this is a proof of true love, but not as much as ILYIMYIWY, because it's less romantic.
Female(or shemale):"ho it's so cute"
by rt-2 March 11, 2009
"Fuck You, Bitch Ass MotherFuckin AssHole"
a word use in a very desespate moment of angryness
"I don't love you anymore"
by rt-2 March 09, 2009
tiabijctc means "Type it again, Because i just closed the convo", when you close the convo (on msn or other), and you just have the time to see that the personne is sending you something.

So when it happens, you just have to open the convo again and type "tiabijctc", so the person is supposed to resend you the last message
bob1:"so will you come to the party?"
bob2 closed the convo too early
bob1:"so will you come to the party?"
by rt-2 March 25, 2009
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