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3 definitions by rsloch

To pause or decrease volume between the words 'Oxford' and 'Brookes' to suggest you are at the University of Oxford not Oxford Brookes.
Jim used the Brookes' Pause when chatting up a girl.
by rsloch March 03, 2007
21 7
Using the word 'since' to link unrelated events and thus imply causality eg 'there have been thirty earthquakes in Peru since Bush was elected' implies the reason for the earthquakes is Bush being in power. This tactic is commonly used by broadcasters, like the BBC, to get past allegations of bias.
The BBC is sincing Obama by suggesting there have been 23,000 murders since he annouced he was running for President.
by rsloch January 31, 2007
4 1
To alter the content of webpage, or blog without stating you have done so in order to remove embarrassing material.
The BBC did a sneak edit to remove their reporter's admission that he did a deal with New Labour to get access to the PM.
by rsloch March 03, 2007
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