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To have casual sex with a girl.

derrived from how many pornos involve plumbers.
See that hot girl? I'd totally plumb that.
by rsktod January 08, 2005
phrase basically meaning, "move your ass" or "get out of the way"
Hey thats my seat. Shoo your boo.
by rsktod January 08, 2005
spoken term for when someone gets owned at either video games, playing music, or driving.
(person beats someone by a large margin at halo)"Dude, I just ate your bacon."
by rsktod January 08, 2005
offesive slang term referring to anything related to emo, hardcore, screamo etc. can be used to describe pretty much anything or as a noun used in place of the genre.
1. "You ever heard of Burning Black Tears That I Cried?"
"Yeah, they're pretty shrill."

2. Look at that really shrill kid over there

3. I saw these kids listening to some shrill and fighting the air
by rsktod January 08, 2005
shortened form of "emo". used as a derragatory term for kids who listen to emo
See that kid over there with the chopped up hair and fat, ugly girlfriend? He's pretty 'mo
by rsktod January 08, 2005

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