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In the Anglo Boer war in South Africa, afrikaners who surrendered or defected to the english typically did so with their hands up, and were derogatorily referred to as "hensoppers" by the other Boere.
Ek hoop die Steyntrein bowl daai hensopper poes Pietersen teen die kop
#hands up #joiner #surrenderer #boer #anglo
by rrza January 19, 2012
A hard-on induced by the act of killing, especially in video games.
Dude 1: Did you see that guy's guts spew from his mouth?
Dude 2: Yeah, I have the biggest murderection now.
Dude 1: Me too, I have a total murder-boner.
Dude2: Let's kiss.
#murderboner #killstiffy #murderchub #slaughterchub #one eyed murder snake #bloodlust #bloodboner
by rrza May 30, 2013
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