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To me, a 'preppy' is someone who lives on tax-payer money provided to them by the productive members of society (business owners, laborers, farmers etc.), while all the time trying to pretend that they're somehow living a more upper-class or 'better' lifestyle than the rest. I would add that I suspect preppies are largely disconnected from having a relationship with or having any concept of God or morality (doesn't matter what religion).
I say that because they obviously have no concept of right and wrong, which is why they gladly do things that enrich themselves at the expense of others (lobbyists, lawyers, investment bankers on Wall Street, crooked vote-buying politicians, big-time CEO's sending American jobs overseas, journalists in the mainstream media doing the bidding of their corporate overlords by telling half-truths and spinning news stories, college professors that indoctrinate their students with liberal elitist attitudes, and the list goes on).
Why? All so they can perpetuate their entitled, elitist lifestyles that segregate themselves from the rest of society (boarding schools, Yale, Harvard etc. Rhodes Scholarships etc.) For God's sake, do you know what Cecil Rhodes was about? He was a globalist that believed in world government. Look it up. G.W. Bush, G.H.W. Bush, both preppies (and no, they were not real conservatives). Need I say more?
Me: I can't stand anyone who's a 'preppy'.

Socialist: You mean the people who 'get' how we need more social programs to help the poor?

Me: More programs? You mean after how well they've worked out (sarcasm).
by rrrrenn August 28, 2011

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