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Someone who wants to be a Gangsta, but can´t be one cuz he´s a loser.
Yeah look at my 10 silva chainz and my ganxta blings. Yeah do u see my ringz? GOLD rings! 24k GOLD ringz! Yeah! My favourite song? U r asking for my favourite song? IN DA CLUB! what? who´s the rapper that rapped it? DAMN! 4 o´clock! MAN! I GOT A FIGHT AT 10 past 4!!! where? no time to explain! Lets meet at the Club at midnight.
Explanation: This guy is a pseudo gangsta.
He doesn´t know who rapped his favourite song.
So this isn´t his favourite song.
He imitates it. He listens to pop music.
He buys lots of cheap pseudo-blings.
He pretends he has to go to a fight.
He lies. He has to go home cuz his mum
doesn´t allow him staying out so long.
He won´t meet u at a club at midnight, next
time when u see him he´ll say he was at the
hospital or he was sick.
by rrrRRrrrrRRRrrrRRrrRr April 06, 2006
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