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1. Official currency of the nation of Goo.
2. Term used for imaginary cash.

The people of gooland, often mistaken for dirty jews, print their money on toliet paper with invisible ink.
The freain' bum owes me 60 bucks and thinks he can pay me in Gooros.
by rrod March 11, 2005
1. Plural of Gooro

However since the gooro itself is imaginary it may not be possible to have more than none.
Don't lend that focker a dime, unless you wanna get back a sack of gooros.
by rrod March 12, 2005
The name of every 7-eleven, see 7 11 register jockey in the Continental United States.
1. Sup Gornam, gimme a pack o' Kools, see cools

2. I didn't know Gornam drove a cab too.
by rrod March 11, 2005
Marketing fluff and buzzword used to describe a product that is secretly just a vpn.
Q. So what makes your vpn different?
A. Well...it's and HVPN.
by rrod March 11, 2005
Any company meal or outing you are forced to expense because your manager only carries Gooros.
That cock smuggler is on my board for 60 bucks now. That's 3 fucked lunches this week.
by rrod March 12, 2005
1. Acronym for Residual Butt Sweat. See swamp ass. The condition where the climate between one buttocks becomes similar to that of East Texas.

2. An uncomfortable wetness between the cheeks, often require one to contemplate changing his/her underpants.
Dude, it's too hot in here! I got RBS dripping down my thighs.
by rrod March 15, 2005

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