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A member of the clergy who is a pederast. A hypocrite priest.
(Pederast: A man who has sexual relations, especially anal intercourse, with a boy.)
Father Robertson said he was filled with purity at the sight of the Pope last summer . But I know best, he is a pederast, a hypopriest!
by rperazag May 02, 2010
Fornicating with highly expensive prostitutes.
Luxuria caused the downfall of NY Major.
I lost my shirt due to luxuria.
by rperazag May 01, 2010
To walk away. To evade. Immature avoidance tactic used by adults to escape facing responsibilities.
Don't just toddle off when I'm talking to you Markus. Don´t be such a pussy.
by rperazag May 10, 2010
Extremely low cut clothes used by women who wish to produce acute Pavlovian Salivation Reflex in desperate-for-sex males.
Promise of fornication without guarantee.
Customer: Is this a too low-cut skirt?
Saleswoman: Yes darling... the perfect rape-me look!
by rperazag May 06, 2010
Extreme for of masochism endured by dysfunctional families (bunch of disgusting people living under the same roof) in which all forms of fake affection are mostly displayed through gifts in the form of electric appliances.
How was Mothers´day at home this year?
Well, you know... same usual Mother's day torture... we gave the old fart a blender and a bunch of plastic flowers.
by rperazag May 06, 2010
The unbearable (unpleasant, distasteful, or painful as to be intolerable) daily To Do list of chores of soccer moms.
How ya doin´mom?
Like shit! And I am only have way through my today´s Craplist.
by rperazag May 06, 2010
Person in highest position of power, in government or business, whose mood swings cause great havoc on the economy and the life of large number of people.

Typical of the entertainment industry and oil rich third world countries.
What´s the programming strategy for next season? Dunno... depends on our top bipolar executive.
Why the economy of rich oil countries sucks so absurdly? Oh... they always manage to elect top bipolar presidents.
by rperazag May 04, 2010

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