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A fact that proves, beyond any doubt, that you were not just paranoid when expecting the worst from a person or particular situation.
Ok... I found him on the kitchen floor screwing the maid; that's much more than the amount of proofiness I ever expected from my unloyal and moronic husband.
by rperazag November 07, 2010
The only hope for an overweight person who rewards himself with an extra helping of ice cream because he has just purchased a membership in a gym.
Radical measures to be taken when you are incapable of curbing your most destructive appetites.
The only way to get out of the yo-yo dieting loop: starve the beast.
by rperazag November 30, 2010
Colloquial for "All that I know is..."
"All’s I know is there was a sudden swish, and next minute the boat went plungin' down. . . .”
by rperazag September 11, 2010
A dictionary dedicated to list the growing number of types of bitches, including the following, found on the floor of a 3rd grade classroom at a charter school in Washington, D.C.:
Dirty dumb ass bitches
Fishy bitches
Can’t keep a man bitch
Hoochie looking bitches
Ain’t got no damn sense bitches
Instigating bitches
Funky looking bitches
Staring in your face bitches
Crazy bitches
Nappy tender headed bitches
Booty shorts wearing bitches
Stanky fishy coochie smelling bitches
Tomboy bitches
Stanky butt bitches
Greedy bitches
Slimy grimy bitches
Psycho bitches
Geekin’ bitches
Goofy looking bitches
Triflin’ bitches
Skanky bitches
Mugging bitches
Sloppy bitches
Conceited bitches
Jealous bitches
C´mon... she is not that rare, just look at the Bitchionary and you´ll find her type!
by rperazag December 11, 2010
Word very much in use by students, meaning someone or something you can relate to.
Lady Gaga said that there must be something greater than her, meaning that there must be a God. That´s relatable to my ego
by rperazag August 15, 2010
Euphemism (substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term for one considered harsh, blunt, or offensive) for soft-porn.
Photographers Erro, Hegre, Edwards ... masters of Nude Art.
by rperazag July 27, 2010
To establish normal communication and good terms with someone who pissed you off.
I de-iced Peter after like a month...I missed the moron like totally..
by rperazag December 24, 2010

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