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If you are black, Al is the person you should go to if you got beaten by the police.
Some guy: Hello, Reverend Al Sharpton. Just a week ago I got beaten by the police and they weren't black.
Sharpton: Damn crackers I can't turn a metaphorical corner without seeing a brother gettin' beat by some fat-ass-Elvis-impersonater cracker.

Racism continues!
by RP January 31, 2005
A term used by jealous gamers because their consoles are either called "Lamecube" or "Gaystation 2" and they don't know how to make properly make fun of the Xbox.
LG: I know .... uh ... SHIT-BOX! HAHAHA
RP: *slap*
LG: Back to the gutter for me *shame*

LG2: Damn Halhoe and the Shit-box
RP: Dude, your flaming against the XBOX is painfully unfunny and pathetic that I am going to have to cut my retinas amd bust my eardrums so I will never have the disgrace of having to look at you or listen to you ever again. Please do not breathe in my air.
by RP January 24, 2005
"In an interview with W Magazine, Joan Rivers compared plastic surgery to car maintenance, saying you have to do it every two years. But, even for a car, she looks awful!"
Saturday Night Live, ain't it grand.
by RP December 31, 2004
The only reply you ever have to say. Easier to remember than both "yes" and "no"

And so forth.
by RP November 16, 2004
A magnet for horny 10 year olds seeking 18 year olds who turn out to be pedofiles. This shit is so gay you can't even say "as santa." WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT!
Random-10-year-old-hornbag: Hey baby i'm 18 years old and have a huge blah.
Your-friendly-neighbourhood-pedofile: Oh sexy what's your address?
by RP July 07, 2004
to take, steal, borrow and not bring back
someone just shanghai-ed my bag of chips
by RP April 24, 2005
Hollie from Sylvania High.
She thought she could spam my email with porn by using my email to subscribe?! SDFI!
by RP January 31, 2005

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