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Not a Whole Fucking Lot
<noob1> what have u been up to lately?

<noob2> nawfl, how bout you?
by rozie_3 July 10, 2008
Used in online games to describe a player that thinks they are a pro, but in reality they are just a fag. Mainly for First person shooter games, all players that whinge every time they are killed, if they lag, if they think someone is hacking but they aren't, etc.
Good player: you hit me once.
(Profag gets killed again)
<CLAN>Profag:FUCKING LAG this host is shit
Good player:clearly a Profag.
by Rozie_3 January 27, 2010
Refers to a person who creates an anonymous facebook profile, purely for confusing their IRL friends about the identity of who created it.
kid 1:Hey man, do you know who made the profile Turty McTurtles?
kid 2: nfi tbh, clearly some Anonbooker who thinks they are funny.
by Rozie_3 February 24, 2010
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