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A majority of Americans and other nations whom have a deep dislike, aversion, revulsion, and contempt for the omnipotent, yet stupid American President.
Tomas: Arrgh! I can't believe bush got a second term!
Annika: Want to join the bush haters club?
by royalqueen August 06, 2006
A terrorist himself, because those planes didnt make the twin towers fall, how could they? It was a steel fucking frame! he set bombs inside with the secret service in an attempt to make it look like a tragedy! he gives tax cuts to the rich, spies on us and violates an amendment, pollutes the air, he crashed our economy, he made every fucking country hate us!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have the fucking tyrant geoge bush impeached!! have him impeached!!! terrorist!! terrorist!! TERRORIST!!
I fucking hate george bush the dickwad!
by royalqueen July 12, 2006
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