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1. the skin on your elbow
2. a word use for freaking someone out by making them think youre talking about something else when you say wenus
Your wenus is huge!
Wanna see my wenus?
Cover up your wenus, for the love of god!
My wenus is all wrinkly.
My wenus can stretch really far.
I have TWO wenuses!
by Roxie September 02, 2004
to have sex with someone while they're still asleep or drowsy.
In the early morning I will suprise my boyfriend with sleeping sex. I slide on his erection just before he wakes up.
by Roxie November 13, 2003
an adjective meaning "not worth a damn."
originating in the south.
My husband can't clean a house worth a doodle flop.
by Roxie October 19, 2004
Defines a claim or ownership of a certain item. Originally used to define such a claim for 5 minutes, but is now commonly interchanged with the word dibs.
Fives on that seat!
by roxie May 29, 2004
A god in his own lunchtime. Very swarve and cool.
That Josh Hartnet is a real Dr. J.
by Roxie November 06, 2004
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