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1.) intercourse. through the vag, anal, or oral.

2.) guys' reason for living
My eyes stop at your pussy and tits. Yours are glued to my boxers where you can see the outline of my dick. I lean over & kiss you. You jump on me and we're hooking up faster and faster. You tear off my shirt & feel my dick against your stomach as I take off your bra, revealing a pair of perfect tits and small hard nipples.
I begin to suck one & then the other til your moaning from that. I smile & say, "if your moaning from this, wait til later." With a gigantic grin of disbelief, you pull my boxers off revealing an 8 inch cock & immediately your jaw drops.
You look at me and I smile saying "go ahead." You begin to stroke it with one hand & massage my balls with the other. You are still kissing me, but I cant let you anymore. I make you stop and direct your mouth toward my dick.
With your hands & mouth caressing my entire cock I cant last five minutes of this amazing blow job. It is so good I know you've done it way more then once. With one big spray, my jizz explodes out of my dick into your mouth and, with one gulp, its down in your stomach. I lay you down in bed & begin to crawl closer to you. I take off your tiny g-string and go straight for the pussy.
Already wet and no need to get it ready, I shove 3 fingers in and begin to lick your clit. I look at you, hearing you moan with unbelievable pleasure.
Then we have sex.
by roxcocks1 December 11, 2009

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