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5 definitions by rower200

In the sport of rowing (crew) during a race the coxswain will call 10 strokes at 150% pressure, variations of it are common like power 5, 15's or 20's. They generally acure right when your thinking about how much you hate crew dead center in the race when you legs and arms feel like someone is literally ripping your muscles and tendons out but you would apply no less than 150% percent pressure as power 10's close gaps and walk boats like nitrous express in street racing. Power 10's basically suck massively but they can mean the difference between winning and loosing which in rowing is like life and death (the infamous jumpy is often used as "motivation" after a bad race by some of the tougher coaches). This is one of the many key strategic tools used in gaining water and generally sits high on the tactics used to do well, theres always a few power 10's thrown into a race no matter how far, how hard, or how well a crew is doing.
power 10 example:

Rower dead center in the middle of a 2000 meter race: wtf why did I become a rower? why couldnt I just cox or better yet be a fat ass and play xbox all day?
Coxswain: POWER 10 IN TWO, THATS ONE AND TWO, 1 SEND, 2, SEND, 3, SEND, 4, SEND, 5, SEND, 6, SEND, 7 SEND, 8, SEND 9, SEND 10.
Rower: I fucking hate this shit so much
by rower200 May 23, 2009
The level at which the most awesome people on the varsity team should be on, generally used sarcastically to tell off the arrogant athletes that are amazing but act like there Gods.
Example of super varsity in Crew/Rowing:

Tom: I'm so good bob, I can go so much faster than you ever will you suck at life I stroke the top boat.
Bob: STFU Tom and go join super varsity.
by rower200 May 22, 2009
A fat person who tries to make it seam like they are ripped and so strong in front of other people. Often they attempt to down on others that are ripped like no ones business and have no body fat by saying "I'm bigger than you I could break your bones" but the truth of the matter is that the fat tool is coated in fat and attempting and failing to disguise it as muscle until they make the fatal mistake of taking off there shirt for the whole world to see that there "muscle" fails at life and is very limited and hiding under a thick layer of fat.
example of a fat tool:

kid: dude how much can you leg press and how many crunches can you do in a minute?

ripped kid: Yeah I can leg press 600lbs and 150 crunches in a minute on a ok day

fat tool: no you can't your too skinny you have no muscle

ripped kid: Dude your a fucking fat tool, thats all fat you loser you suck at life *shows fat tool and kid cut 6 pack* weres your 6 pack fat tool? Oh thats right you don't have one you fat tool all you have is a big fat keg!!!

fat tool: *Crying* I wish I was ripped like ripped kid! *Runs off Crying*
by rower200 May 24, 2009
Not a bad position in a crew boat generally given to a super awesome bow man (1 seat). This dude is so cool he is one of the few people that can yell random shit and do weird ass stuff and still be cool.
Bow bitch example:

Other boats cox/stroke: shit man I though we had that covered...
bow bitches fellow oarsman: bow bitch your the fucking best!
by rower200 May 22, 2009
When your in real life in a REAL situation playing a game usually airsoft or paintball and the 13 year old behind you attempts to use his "experience" which extends no far than Call of Duty 4 to lead the way like hes hot shit or something, literally the guy that could be with 12 Airborne Rangers and would say "guys Ive done this before" and try's to lead the way. Usually results in him being wrecked terribly in which case he blames it all on his team.
armchair commander example:

armchair commander: guys I got this down don't you worry about me
*12 other ex-military guys with 15+ years of experience*: But that would get us all killed....
armchair commander: no listen to me I'm going to go up follow my lead
mil guys: ok we will be right behind you *quiet* ditch this armchair commander, hes so chairborne I can hear the game control squeak.
by rower200 May 23, 2009