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A lesbian that is so masculine and aggressive that it even puts most men using steroids to shame. Also, see bulldocka.
Laura wears work boots and ripped up flannel shirts. She could easily beat up any of the guys at work and could probably even make them cry, if she wanted to. What a bulldike.
by rOw!Dz November 01, 2010
adj. Act of being a complete whore or slut, then claiming to be completely emotionally unstable so that others will be unable to stay angry at you for your permiscious behaior. Claiming to be emo to compensate for acts of infidelity.

(i.e: An emo girl threatening to harm or kill herself after being unfaithful, in hopes that the mistake will be forgiven/overlooked by her boyfriend.)
When I confonted my girlfriend about cheating on me she threatened to slit her throat. Now I can't even break up with her because she is being totally whoremo about it.
by row!dz December 24, 2009
A lesbian that is so overly masculine and aggressive that its just as scary as it is annoying. Also, see "bulldike".
Joanna always calls me a pussy, then shoves me into the wall as hard as she can. I hate dealing with bulldockas.
by row!dz December 24, 2009
n. a slang term for a friend or companion. Apparently a result of combining the Spanish word for man, "Hombre" with the slang word for brother, "bro".
We are all going to the big game on Sunday. Are you going with us, hambro?
by row!dz November 01, 2010
The unhealthy alternative to Wheat Thins. Used exclusively in "your momma so fat" jokes.
Your momma so fat she eat Wheat Thicks.
by row!dz December 25, 2009
n. Seeing others wear the same costume(s) or wearing the same costume(s), yourself on each and every Halloween.

(e.i, the Naughty Nurse, Skanky Police Officer, Slutty Pirate, Dominatrix, Playboy Bunny, Slutty Disney Characters, Slutty Dorothy, Skanky Goth Fairy/Angel...etc.)
Its like deja boo every year when I see a chick wearing a Naughty Nurse costume.
by row!dz November 01, 2010
To partake in sexual intercourse or sexual relations with someone of Asian descent, or who posseses physical characteristics of an Asian.

The quote "ride the tiger" is refered to in the Pixies song, "River Euphrates".
Tiger Woods' father rode the tiger.

Dave Chapelle admits he likes to ride the tiger.
by row!dz March 07, 2010

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