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1. The sexual act of making a woman have an orgasm by use of your finger(s) and nothing else.
I'm too sensitive for a vibrator so Steve fingerbangs me after he's finished.
by roushie September 08, 2008
Verbal phrase of victorious retort one says when he/she accomplishes something others deem or insinuate otherwise not possible for them.
Stan: You landed the McCarthy deal?
Jim: Of course. I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch.
by roushie September 08, 2008
To be at a disadvantage in any concourse of competition that pertains to self preservation and come out victorious by either killing or eluding. A derivative of the term merc which doesn't necessarily focus on status classification but instead identifies the primitive emotions and personality of survival that one must undertake to win.
3 on 1 and you still lost? You all got fuckin murked.
by roushie September 08, 2008

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