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the greatest thing since sliced bread.
see also cannabis, high, and stoned
by rotten ralph July 27, 2004
when you totally stoned out of your mind.
i was blasted last night dawg.
by rotten ralph July 27, 2004
the kind of undies my gf likes to wear a lot. somewhere between a thong and a bikini in terms of coverage of the female goodies. makes me stand at attention evertime i get a view of her ass in them.
my gf's asian btw. she's a fuckin hottie too.
by rotten ralph July 27, 2004
Pretty much meaningless insult. Used by alot of people but doesn;t really have any impact anymore since it's used so much.
use your imagination people you can pretty much put it in any sentence.
by rotten ralph July 27, 2004
Some crazy ritual the LSD cult uses to ensure loyalty of it's members. Basically it just means eating a shitload of pure LSD crystal powder so you supposedly can " see the light ", but really this is just so you stay devoted and don't rat. people who've been printed are willing to do life in the pen to protect their acid. pretty creepy shit.
go down to telegraph ave or 13th st sometime. you'll see what i'm talking about.
by rotten ralph July 27, 2004
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