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Posh Radio 4 Lady, Is A Character On BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills Show For The Segment, Dear Scott Where She Reads Out Letters From The Listeners.
Now Heres Dear Scott With Posh Radio 4 Lady, Take it away PR4L
#scott mills #radio 1 #radio 4 #dear scott #p4rl
by rossildosil August 15, 2009
A player of the Call Of Duty games who while playing online uses the perk Juggernaught which provides extra health.
Guy shoots then dies. Watches killcam and sees the killers Perk list
" OMG what a fagernaught noob!!! "
#faggernaught #juggernaught #noob #pwned #killed
by rossildosil March 08, 2009
To copy and paste something....ctrl C and crtl V
Person 1 "Aww this dude is being a dick"
Person 2 " C&V it from your msn convo!"
#copy #paste #copy and paste #msn #convo
by rossildosil May 23, 2010
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