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Written at the end of wherever you write yours and the love of your life's names
*-*tlnd*-*Ross Luv'z Gemma 4eternity*-*tlnd*-*
by Ross October 22, 2004
The biggest pussy ever. The raptors should trade him even up for corey maggette.
"Ow, I hurt my knee."
"Dude, don't be a Vince Carter."
by Ross September 24, 2004
a slow hot crap that escapes ur ass after a hot curry , usually spicy mince, an proceeds to torment ur hot hole for hours laters.
i done a pure belter of a shengis.still feelin it.
by Ross October 06, 2003
The true spelling of anal sex.
It really hurt to sit down after mass amounts of butsekz.
by Ross February 15, 2005
a courtesy lol. used to express laughter at something because another person thinks it was funny and you don't want to hurt their feelings by saying "that wasn't funny" but you also don't want them to think it was funny by saying "lol" it is very useful because most people will look at "clol" and assume it was a typo, feeling good about the comment they made. but in reality, they have secretly been made a fool of by the other person. if someone asks what "clol" means you should not, however, tell them it was a typo, because that pretty much negates your domination of them. if that question is raised either:
a) tell them that clol means
b) ignore the question
c) change the subject
d) confuse the other person
e) h4x
All of these solutions are very reliable and the domination of the person will not have been negated.
someone: haha today at school my algebra teacher forgot to collect the homework
other person: clol
someone: what's clol?
other person: huh?
someone: what?
other person: i'm so glad it's finally friday
someone: yeah same
(other person then h4xes)

(NOTE: the above example used solutions d, then c, then e to respond to the "what's clol?" question
by ROSS October 17, 2004
The biggest rip-off since Santa
"Sorry you are not a resident of the USA, therefore you cannot benefit from the great services Napster can give" - The message I got after waiting 2 fucking hours trying to download this shit
by Ross May 08, 2004
A greek god who actually was the most powerful and sexually attractive of all the greek gods. All legends associated with other greek gods are actually associated with Rossocles. Except the wierd ones. Those are someone else named Dave.
Rossocles smote the hamburger into his mouth, and it was good.
by Ross November 03, 2003

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