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93 definitions by ross

Written at the end of wherever you write yours and the love of your life's names
*-*tlnd*-*Ross Luv'z Gemma 4eternity*-*tlnd*-*
by Ross October 22, 2004
Black Cracker; A black person who wants to be white
Wayne Brady is a Backer.
by Ross June 12, 2004
a turtle with sunglasses.
Let's go to the pet shop and buy a Cort!
by Ross November 03, 2003
bland or unhealthy food that is particularly nondescript or unappetizing. Undesirable food. A weird stew.
My friend cooked me dinner... and while she's always talking about exotic cuisine, all she made was a crummy plate of grelch.

The refrigerator is full of grelch - there's nothing to eat.

I don't know what the soup of the day is... it looks like grelch.

The frozen turkey pot pie looked good on the box, but it tasted like a grelch pie.
by Ross April 02, 2007
The true spelling of anal sex.
It really hurt to sit down after mass amounts of butsekz.
by Ross February 15, 2005
A somewhat misogynistic term to describe a woman who is generally dumb, acts immature and is on the whole lacks intelligence.
Don't worry about what she sais, she's just a pidge.
by Ross September 08, 2004
The biggest rip-off since Santa
"Sorry you are not a resident of the USA, therefore you cannot benefit from the great services Napster can give" - The message I got after waiting 2 fucking hours trying to download this shit
by Ross May 08, 2004