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To slap a person with the penis across the face, see ex.
"Aw man, what should we do to wake him up?
by Ross February 03, 2004
Arse Flaps
Someone with a rather large fatty arse, when they move, the fat 'flaps'

Insulting because, not many people like 1)referal to their arse and 2) not many people like being called a fat arse

Used by Dani Filth
Hey arseflaps...

She's so fat, her arseflaps
by Ross April 19, 2005
The coolest stuffed animal in the world. A dinosaur in the form of a Brontosaurus
I still sleep with Lamby every night
by ross April 03, 2005
a beam formed from positive or negative charged ions, sometimes found in sci-fi movies

"We got hit by an ion beam!!"
by Ross October 03, 2004
Similiar to wheelie bar. But it is a bar made of some type of metal that is attached to the subframe of a motorcycle. This allows it to drags straight up and down(12 oclock) during a wheelie. The rider then can perform stunts while dragging bar.
Check out my custom 12 bar. I got 12's for blocks!
by Ross August 06, 2004
1. Bland and generic music that seems to have a formal/harmonic/rhythmic template which all music wanting to be classified in the genre must use.
If you are synesthetic and christian rock is played, you will probably touch/taste/see/smell ass
by Ross January 28, 2004
a slow hot crap that escapes ur ass after a hot curry , usually spicy mince, an proceeds to torment ur hot hole for hours laters.
i done a pure belter of a shengis.still feelin it.
by Ross October 06, 2003
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